Commitment To Quality

Our Carrier Network and Account Representatives

Since 1980, we've excelled in the business of buying, selling, and shipping fresh produce across North America. Our commitment to high-quality owner-operators and equipment has always been our key to providing dependable results for our customers. Recognizing the time and temperature sensitivity of this freight, we prioritize reliability to deliver your product safely.

Our experience allows us to anticipate problems such as slow loading times, delayed trucks at international borders, and equipment malfunctions. Building strong relationships with freight forwarding companies at ports of entry into the United States allows us to get more accurate import/export information. We also have an extensive network of drivers and trailers that we can draw from to rescue any shipment that may be immobilized en route to delivery. 

Experts In Temperature Controlled Freight

250,000 loads of produce, metal, ingredients, nursery stock, and temperature controlled cargo.

Our Wheelhouse

Our Core Refrigerated Product Expertise

We've successfully transported a wide range of refrigerated freight across North America, working in many different industries. The products listed below are core to our business and we have extensive experience with them.


Beef / Pork / Poultry


Building Products

Medical / Healthcare

Our Expertise

Why Companies Trust Unlimited Logistics with Their Products

We've successfully transported a wide range of equipment and goods across North America, including construction materials, job site essentials, manufacturing equipment, lumber, nursery stock, and much more. With Unlimited Logistics, you'll have a dedicated point of contact ensuring 24/7 support and access to our entire flatbed team. Your cargo is in capable hands, every step of the way.


We have 33 years of experience with dry food & beverage transportation and a reputation for reliability

Proprietary Technology

Access to software that shows the exact location of our drivers and trailers at any time.

Grocery Network

We’re already approved to haul into all major grocery warehouses, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS.

Our Carrier Network

With more than 100,000 carriers in our network, we can cover your most challenging loads.